UPstage Recording brings our engineering and production skills to work on your next recording project.  Offering services for clients in all genres and of all needs.  From voice-over to full orchestral recording, jazz to hip-hop we have the tools and experience to realize you goals.  UPstage Recording offers studio services or on-location recording according to our individual clients needs.

UPstage Recording is the newest division of UPstage Consulting Group.  With the introduction of the UPstage Recording Studio at Kat’s Artist Tree clients can now realize their dreams of working in a professional recording studio.  UPstage Recording is the West Valley’s only professional studio.  Unlike traditional studios, UPstage Recording is also available for live recordings or on-location sessions.

Recording Studio

The UPstage Recording Studio at Kat’s Artist Tree is a state-of-the art facility providing digital multi-track recording, editing, and mastering services in a wide range of genres and across all major software platforms.  Our clients can expect a finished product at the highest professional level.  Our facility includes a spacious isolation booth, medium stage/room and a centralized control room for a complete list of equipment click here.

Location Recording

Allow our expertise to come to you!  UPstage Recording is fully equipped to bring our high-level of technical and musical expertise to your next location recording.  Whether you want to capture a live event or host an entire recording session in your favorite venue we are ready to meet your needs.  From concert halls to your drummer’s garage you can expect the same professional service and quality UPstage offers to all of our clients.


Making a good recording is about a lot more than just fancy gear and button-pushing.  Our staff is what sets us apart from the competition.  Nowhere else can you find the level of trained musicians that work at UPstage Recording.  As internationally recognized musicians, we have the skills to turn your idea from good to GREAT.  Learn more about our staff’s amazing talents here.


Yes, we know equipment is important too, that’s why UPStage Recording has only top-notch gear from the microphones and preamps all the way to through the recording software and monitoring.  Our equipment is sure to satisfy and allow your project to truly shine