Recreation Centers of Sun City

RCSC owns and operates seven recreation centers, eight golf courses, one open-air amphitheater, two restaurants, a softball field, a 33-acre man-made lake, and more for the benefit of over 30,000 residents.  UPstage has worked on numerous projects with RCSC including sound, projection, and lighting systems their two primary performance venues the SunDial Center and the SunBowl Amphitheater.

The SunDial Center Auditorum boasts seating for over 500 audience members utilizing a flexible, modular design.  The venue hosts numerous concerts and events throughout the year across all genres and types.  UPstage upgraded the original sound system with a Martin O-line array and Powersoft amplifiers.  UPstage also helped the RCSC move into the digital realm with Stagecraft mixers and stage boxes.  In addition, UPstage replaced a dated, hand-operated projection screen with a motorized Da-lite system.

RCSC relied on UPstage’s expertise once again when it was time to upgrade the lighting system at the SunBowl Amphitheater.  Our team replaced the original incandesent fixtures with cutting-edge, weatherproof LED lights capable of producing the full range of colors as well as UV light for that extra pop!