Kat’s Artist Tree

When the Kat’s Artist Tree, a west-valley Arts Academy, wanted to build a theatre and recording studio they used UPstage to design and install top-of-the line sound and lighting systems.  The theatre was designed to seat 100 audience members for an immersive theatrical and concert experience.  Utilizing equipment by Yamaha, Nexo, ETC, Altman, Chauvet, Shure, Focusrite, and more, we integrated a full-featured system consisting of:

  •  A 32-channel Yamaha QL1 mixing console
  • Analog and Digital snakes with separate splits to the sound and recording booths
  • An ETC Element lighting console
  • All LED lighting fixtures consisting of ETC Colorsource PARs and 7 Chauvet Rogue R1 moving lights and Altman SpectraCyc lighting
  • a 5000-watt Nexo speaker system
  • Shure ULX-D wireless microphones
  • Dante digital communication between Yamaha and Focusrite equipment