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We are pleased to announce that Prescott Pro Sound is now a part of UPstage Group – continuing a long tradition of amazing productions in Prescott and the surrounding community.  Read more below…

System Design & Installation

UPstage Consulting works to ‘make your venue perform’.  Theatres, Schools, Churches and other venues turn to UPstage Consulting to solve their system challenges.  Whether improving exisiting sound and lighting systems or designing and building a brand new space, UPstage Consulting has the knowledge necessary to make your project a success. Continue reading “System Design & Installation”

Live Event Production

Let our expertise in live productions help your event be spectacular.  Our list of services includes Production Management, Live Sound Reinforcement, Sound Design and more.  Our experienced, detail=oriented staff and top-notch equipment is ready to make your an impact for your next live event.  No job is too big or too small. Continue reading “Live Event Production”

Prescott Pro Sound

Meet the newest part of UPstage Group

Prescott Pro Sound has long been associated with every high-level live event presented in Prescott, Prescott Valley and beyond.

Founded in 2002 by Ted Leonard, we have established a track record of quality, reliability, and trustworthiness second to none.

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Featured Clients

Pebble Creek Activities

When Pebble Creek decided it was time to completely renovate the Renaissance Theatre, they turned to UPstage Group for all of their Sound and Lighting upgrades.  Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, UPstage developed and installed a system that is easy to use while providing a top-notch audience experience.  Featuring an all-new speaker system with Nexo PS-15, PS-10, and ID24 speakers, the theater now boasts incredible sound tailored to evenly cover every seat in the house, all controlled from a Yamaha TF5 digital sound console for consistent and easily-attainable professional results.

The lighting system is controlled by an ETC Ion console and features a new Cyclorama with Altman SpectraCyc fixtures for an even and vibrant palette.

Recreation Centers of Sun City

RCSC owns and operates seven recreation centers, eight golf courses, one open-air amphitheater, two restaurants, a softball field, a 33-acre man-made lake, and more for the benefit of over 30,000 residents.  UPstage has worked on numerous projects with RCSC including sound, projection, and lighting systems their two primary performance venues the SunDial Center and the SunBowl Amphitheater.

The SunDial Center Auditorum boasts seating for over 500 audience members utilizing a flexible, modular design.  The venue hosts numerous concerts and events throughout the year across all genres and types.  UPstage upgraded the original sound system with a Martin O-line array and Powersoft amplifiers.  UPstage also helped the RCSC move into the digital realm with Stagecraft mixers and stage boxes.  In addition, UPstage replaced a dated, hand-operated projection screen with a motorized Da-lite system.

RCSC relied on UPstage’s expertise once again when it was time to upgrade the lighting system at the SunBowl Amphitheater.  Our team replaced the original incandesent fixtures with cutting-edge, weatherproof LED lights capable of producing the full range of colors as well as UV light for that extra pop!

Khris Dodge Entertainment

For the 2017-18 concert season, Khris Dodge Entertainment has turned to UPstage Group as their exclusive provider of Audio Engineering and Sound Reinforcement services.  The hallmark of KDE is doing “… good things with good people.”  

KDE make it their mission to work with the best.  Top-caliber performers who work tirelessly to perfect the music they’re singing/interpreting. Musicians who pay attention to detail and come prepared to deliver their very best performance.  Venues that want to deliver the very best product to their patrons.  And technicians who make sure that the audience gets a complete sensory experience.

THIS is where UCG delivers; our professional service, musically-trained engineers, and top-quality equipment allows us to make-real the promise KDE makes to each and every patron for every single concert.

Kat’s Artist Tree

When the Kat’s Artist Tree, a west-valley Arts Academy, wanted to build a theatre and recording studio they used UPstage to design and install top-of-the line sound and lighting systems.  The theatre was designed to seat 100 audience members for an immersive theatrical and concert experience.  Utilizing equipment by Yamaha, Nexo, ETC, Altman, Chauvet, Shure, Focusrite, and more, we integrated a full-featured system consisting of:

  •  A 32-channel Yamaha QL1 mixing console
  • Analog and Digital snakes with separate splits to the sound and recording booths
  • An ETC Element lighting console
  • All LED lighting fixtures consisting of ETC Colorsource PARs and 7 Chauvet Rogue R1 moving lights and Altman SpectraCyc lighting
  • a 5000-watt Nexo speaker system
  • Shure ULX-D wireless microphones
  • Dante digital communication between Yamaha and Focusrite equipment

BASIS Schools

In 2012 Basis.Ed approached UPstage to design Sound and Lighting systems for the unique indoor/outdoor theater classrooms at their charter schools. IWe are proud to have partnered with Basis Schools on systems for five different schools within five years around the entire state of Arizona. From theatrical lighting to projection and sound, we have done it all with Basis and look forward to an ongoing partnership as their system of high-quality schools continues to grow.

Christ Presbyterian Church

CPC in Goodyear, AZ utilized UCG’s expertise in audio system design when upgrading from their original starter-system to a full-fledged, professional, sound reinforcement system.  They required an easy-to-use console which could be operated by their volunteer staff while offering all of the benefits of a digital board.  In addition, the system needed to accommodate a wide variety of material from traditional to contemporary style services and be capable of facilitating a fast changeover.  UCG designed a system that merged affordability and capability into a single solution that meets all of CPC’s needs.  Utilizing a in-ear-monitors with iPad control, top-of-the-line wireless microphones, and cutting-edge speaker technology, CPC now has the system of their dreams thanks to the design work of UPstage Consulting.

The Palms Theatre

Under new management in 2014, The Palms Theatre in Mesa hired UPstage Consulting Group to design a new sound system that would entirely raise the bar for their audience. UPstage delivered on that promise with a NEXO M6 array with RS15 cardioid subs, Yamaha QL5 console and new Shure QLX-D wireless microphone system. The result was sound that unlike anything hear at the venue before, with even coverage that provided an immersive experience for every audience member.

Lonely Street Productions

Lonely Street Productions presents concerts throughout Arizona and the entire Southwest. For period of 3 years LSP has relied on UPstage’s expertise in Sound and Lighting to support over 300 performances. Thanks to our high level of customer service, attention to detail, and ability to maximize every asset, LSP’s name is synonymous with quality entertainment and audiences keep coming back for more.


Brian was great to work with! He is very professional, patient and knows his craft! He runs a very ethical business! Highly recommended!

Cissi M., recording client

Working with Brian is always a joy. He has a great understanding of how systems work together, a fearlessness that is somehow comforting, and a positive and professional attitude that makes what could be a stressful situation downright enjoyable.

Michael Haslanger AZ Cardinals & Coyotes (former)